On Friday 29th October our school will be celebrating ADHD Awareness Day. For this event students are asked to wear jeans, an orange or white shirt/t-shirt and running shoes. They can wear orange accessories as orange is the colour associated with this condition.

ADHD is a neurobiological developmental disorder, affecting boys and girls alike. It affects students’ ability to pay attention and regulate their emotions, it conditions their life to varying degrees. It is estimated that around 5-7% of students live with ADHD, with 4.8% being the rate of ADHD estimated in the general population.

In spite of these statistics, ADHD is still misunderstood – being seen as a behavioural problem, where children are uncontrollable and impulsive, when in actual fact it is the imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain that make motivation, focusing attention on request and self-regulation of any emotion, be it anger, excitement or anxiety, extremely difficult. This, and the inconsistency of their abilities, are what give rise to all the misconceptions.

People with this neuro typical condition do have a number of super qualities. When identified, nurtured and supported correctly, the sky is literally the limit. Although they find mundane activities boring, they tend to have great drive and energy when motivated or interested, they can be very loyal, curious and passionate and are often creative thinkers. They are capable of seeing things in ways the rest of us would never imagine. They are often, but not always, good at sports, the arts, science and mathematics.

Thank you.

The School Council

Jum l-Għarfien dwar l-ADHD

Nhar il-Ġimgħa 29 ta’ Ottubru l-iskola tagħna se tiċċelebra Jum l-Għarfien ta’ ADHD. Għal dan l-avveniment l-istudenti huma mitluba jilbsu jeans, qmis/t-shirt oranġjo jew abjad u sports shoes. Jistgħu jilbsu aċċessorji oranġjo peress li l-oranġjo huwa l-kulur assoċjat ma’ din il-kundizzjoni.

L-ADHD huwa disturb newrobijoloġiku fl-iżvilupp, li jaffettwa s-subien u l-bniet bl-istess mod. Jaffettwa l-abbiltà tal-istudenti li jagħtu attenzjoni u jirregolaw l-emozzjonijiet tagħhom, tikkundizzjona ħajjithom fi gradi differenti. Huwa stmat li madwar 5-7% tal-istudenti jgħixu bl-ADHD, b’4.8% tkun ir-rata ta ‘ADHD stmata fil-popolazzjoni ġenerali.

Minkejja din l-istatistika, l-ADHD ġieli jqisuh bħala problema ta’ mġieba, fejn it-tfal huma inkontrollabbli u impulsivi, meta fil-fatt huwa l-iżbilanċ ta’ ċerti kimiċi fil-moħħ li jagħmluha diffiżli lill-individwi li juru motivazzjoni, li jiffokaw l-attenzjoni u li jirregolaw kwalunkwe emozzjoni, kemm jekk tkun rabja, eċċitament jew ansjetà. Dan, u l-inkonsistenza tal-kapaċitajiet tagħhom, huma dawk li jagħtu lok għal-kunċetti żbaljati dwar l-ADHD.

Nies b’din il-kundizzjoni newro tipika għandhom numru ta’ kwalitajiet. Meta jkun identifikat, imrawwem u appoġġjat b’mod korrett, dawn l-individwi huma kapażi mmens. Għalkemm isibu attivitajiet kwotidjani bla nteress, għandhom tendenza li jkollhom xewqa u enerġija kbira meta jkunu motivati ​​jew interessati, jistgħu jkunu leali ħafna, kurjużi u passjonati u spiss huma kreattivi. Huma kapaċi jaraw l-affarijiet b’modi li l-bqija minna qatt ma jimmaġinaw. Ħafna drabi huma, tajbin fl-isports, fl-arti, fix-xjenza u fil-matematika.


Il-Kunsill Skolastiku

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Quddiesa għall-Familji

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Ittri u Numri

Hawn isfel issibu kif it-tfal jitgħallmu jiktbu l-ittri u n-numri fil-klassi. Qed nissuġġerixxu li l-ġenituri jekk jogħġobkom tgħinuhom f’din is-sistema. Hekk ikun hemm konsistenza bejn l-iskola u l-ġenituri u b’hekk l-istudenti jitfixklu anqas.

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Pink October

Dear parents/guardians,

Each October, from the 1st to the 31st, we frequently see the colour pink promoting breast cancer awareness. This year our school will celebrate Pink Day on Friday, October 22, 2021. Kids can make a difference in our own community in the fight against cancer!!On Friday 22nd October all students/staff are invited to wear a pink shirt/T-shirt and jeans to support this event. Those who do not have a pink top can wear a white top and add pink accessories.

Thank You,

The School Council

Għeżież ġenituri/kustodji,

Kull Ottubru, mill-1 sal-31, naraw ir-roża li jintuża biex jippromwovi għarfien tal-kanċer tas-sider. Din is-sena fl-iskola taghna se niċċelebraw il-Jum Roża nhar il-Ġimgħa, 22 ta’ Ottubru, 2021. It-tfal jistgħu jagħmlu differenza fil-ġlieda kontra l-kanċer fil-komunità tagħna stess!! Nhar il-Ġimgħa 22 ta’ Ottubru l-istudenti/istaff kollha huma mistiedna jilbsu qmis/flokk roża u jeans biex jappoġġjaw dan l-avveniment. Dawk li m’għandhomx top roża jistgħu jilbsu top abjad u jżidu aċċessorji roża.


Il-Kunsill Skolastiku

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“Just make a mark and see where it takes you.”

Class pupils from Year 1 at Zabbar A Primary took up a project “The Dot”. The idea behind the project is to encourage the pupils to explore by drawing/painting artistic creations. This was done by simply starting from marking the paper with a “Dot”. This project was intended to make the pupils understand that each and everyone of them is capable of creating a piece of art. These images displayed are what came out from the “Dot”. As their art teacher I was so very proud by their finished project as each and everyone of the them showed enthusiasm to further learn, grow and develop their talents and capabilities.

Ms N. Cutajar

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Quddieasa għall-Familji

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Dinja Waħda

As a school we have been awarded the Golden Award for the Dinja Waħda Project. Through this project children have come across information about our indigenous flora and fauna together with natural habitats, and applied different skills to produce a unique project in each class. 
Educators have helped each student to awaken an inborn human learning interest by observing and learning about our natural Maltese habitat and how our actions can impact these habitats and hence what we need to do to safeguard it.  Through these pictures one can note the dedication of our educators and the eagerness of our students to learn by applying different strategies to achieve learning across the curriculum as well as applying emergent curriculum strategies.

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Individual Hygiene Recommendations as guided by the Health Authorities

Before Coming to School
Children should not be sent to school if he/she are feeling sick. Consult a doctor.
Every morning parents/guardians are to check for these symptoms and keep their child at
home if any of them are present:
 A temperature of 37.2 oC or higher
 Sore throat
 New uncontrolled cough
 Diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain
 Severe headache
Though sanitising materials will be made available at school, it is important that
parents/guardians ensure that every student always carries with them sanitising products
such as disinfectant wipes, tissues and hand sanitising gel when attending school. Personal sanitisers should be provided by the parents for each student with this being kept in class for the younger children.
Temperature screening of students will be carried out at school entrance. A screening
temperature >37.2◦ C or anybody who appears unwell should not be admitted into school.
Hand hygiene is paramount to decrease spread of the virus. Washing of hands and use of
sanitisers will be rigorously encouraged, taught and monitored and performed at regular
intervals and using visual cues such as posters.
One should avoid touching one’s face (including one’s mask) particularly the eyes, nose and mouth.
One should sneeze/ cough into a tissue or the crook of one’s elbow ensuring appropriate
disposal of the soiled tissues and cleaning of hands afterwards.
Unnecessary contact between staff and students and amongst the students themselves
should be avoided eg. Hugging, shaking hands etc.
One should avoid touching frequently surfaces with one’s open hand, lift buttons, railings etc.
A medical certificate to enable the child to return to school after sickness is required from the doctor (even if the child is absent for a single day). This certificate will provide the date when the child can resume in-person learning.
If a child starts feeling sick at school, the child will be taken to the Isolation Room.
Parents/Guardians will be asked to pick up their child immediately and to contact the family
doctor. A medical certificate to enable the child to return to school after sickness is required
from the doctor. Kindly send medical certificate by email on the school’s ilearn address: and to the class teacher before student returns back to
Personal belongings
Students should not bring non-essential items to school besides from communication devices or educational material.
It would be ideal if children had their own craft accessories which would not be shared
between them.
Masks must be worn in indoor public spaces in accordance with article 26 and 27 (c) of Public Health Act and the Mandatory Use of Medial or Cloth Masks Regulations and the Standards on Masks/Visors7. Evidence to date shows that wearing a mask is an effective means of
preventing spread to others in conjunction with maintaining an adequate physical distance
from others. In educational settings the use of masks for the Schools included in this
Guidelines are outlined in the table below:

The Standards for Masks allow for specific medical and behavioural conditions for which there are certified exceptions to mask use. As yet, there is no evidence that face shields are effective as source control or protection from respiratory droplets as masks thus, it is recommend that masks should be used in preference to visors (or in conjunction with them), while the use of visors alone is discouraged. However, in certain situations where a mask is not practical or cannot be tolerated (e.g. children with special needs, certain health issues) visors can be used as an alternative to masks.
Exceptions to the wearing of mask or visors is during physical activity and in specific medical
and/or behavioral conditions in line with the Public Health guidance on the use of masks and
visors. Masks should be worn before and after sports activity with adequate hand hygiene
before handling one’s mask.
Masks/Visors should be labelled with the child’s name. Please provide a bag or labelled
pocket so that your child can store the mask in it when it is not in use.
Masks need to be either changed or washed daily. Visors should also be wiped clean and
disinfected every day.
Special Occasions
Although sharing food should not be permitted, occasions like birthdays could still be
organized within the class bubble ensuring that food brought in is individually portioned and individually wrapped e.g. cupcakes. Other mitigation measures remain applicable throughout.
Only students registered to use a specific transport route will be allowed to use the service.
All students are to keep to the same route and they may not board different vehicles.
Please inform your child to keep the mask/visor on at all times during the trip and to stay
seated where the driver or the on-board supervisor instructs.
Breakfast Club
Students registered for breakfast club will be provided with a pre-packed breakfast upon
their arrival at school.
Once they collect the pre-packed breakfast they will be led to class or to a designated area (as instructed) so that the classroom bubble is kept.
Other information
Unauthorised personnel are not allowed in the School. No parents or guardians are allowed
in the School except in cases of emergency.
Students in the same classroom and/or bubble should be encouraged to wipe down their
desks and equipment before and after use.
Staggered/start and end times will allow for less crowding at the entrances of the School.
Communication from the parents/guardians with School’s staff and management for day-today necessities can only be done through online services.
Doors and/ or windows should be kept open throughout the day to allow for cross ventilation.
To improve ventilation, efforts should be made to keep windows open during lessons and
also, at regular intervals such as mid-way through lessons, in-between lessons and during
breaks prop windows even further open to force greater circulation of the air. If the ambient
temperature is uncomfortable for the children during the winter months, they should be
encouraged to wear more layers of clothing.
Parents’ day/evening will also be held online so parents are encouraged to download
Microsoft Teams. Do not hesitate to contact the school, should you need any assistance
with downloading it.
Educating our Children
Parents/Guardians are also encouraged to support the wellbeing of all by continuing to:
 Explain to their child that no hugging or shaking hands is permitted.
 Show their child how to properly wash his/her hands with soap and water.
 Teach their child to avoid touching the face, nose, mouth and eyes if they have not
washed or sanitised their hands immediately before.
 Teach their child how to use tissues when sneezing/coughing. Children need to be
taught how to blow their nose and to dispose of used tissues in the bins provided
immediately after use.
Information (Zabbar Primary A)
 If you need to contact the school, you are welcome to do so either by phone on
25985190, through the school email – or via
Microsoft Teams.

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Linji Gwida Għall-Ġenituri 2021 – 2022 / Guidelines for Parents 2021 – 2022

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Stationery Lists for scholastic year 2021-2022

Attached are the stationery lists for the different year groups. There are two versions of each list, one in Maltese and one in English.

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