Pyjama day

Students look forward to pyjama days at school. Kids like to show off their pyjamas while admiring everyone else’s. It gives them another reason to look forward to school.

So, the School Council suggested for the students to come to school wearing their pyjamas or a casual tracksuit (not uniform tracksuit) against a donation of 1 Euro on Friday 28th January. Money will be collected in a container at the school entrance before students put on the hand sanitizer. 

L-istudenti kollha jkunu eċitati għal dik il-ġurnata meta jkunu jistgħu jmorru l-iskola bil-piġama. It-tfal jieħdu gost jiġu l-iskola juru l-piġama tagħhom u jammiraw il-piġami differenti ta’ tfal oħra. Din il-ġuranta tagħtihom raġuni oħra biex jattendu l-iskola b’entużjażmu.

Għalhekk, il-Kunsill Skolastiku ssuġġerixxa li l-istudenti jiġu l-iskola libsin il-piġama jew tracksuit (mhix tal-uniformi) u jagħtu donazzjoni ta’ Ewro nhar il-Ġimgħa 28 ta’ Jannar. Il-flus jinġabru ġo kontenitur waqt li t-tfal ikunu deħlin l-iskola, u wara jiddiżinfettaw idejhom bħas-soltu. 

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Christmas Activities 2021

The school has organised several activities as part of Christmas 2021 celebrations.

On Monday, 20th December Fr Jonathan Debattista from the Zabbar Parish Church celebrated online Mass for our primary classes. As usual Fr Jonathan celebrated this mass in a very child friendly mode. On Tuesday 21st we had a surprise visit from Fr Evan Caruana, the Parish Priest and the beloved character of St Nicholas. Together they visited each and every class to bless our little ones. To the pupils’ delight, St Nicholas gave not only his blessings but also handed out chocolate coins.

The school administration together with all the educators in our school would like to wish all the community a blessed festive season.

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Living Peace International Activity

The holidays are coming and we wanted to prepare some gifts for those,
young people and adults who are in difficult situations or in health centres,
shelters, rest homes… around the world.

We painted mandalas and donated them to be delivered to various structures/institutions to
decorate their rooms. We sent them to be shared with the whole Living Peace International network!

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Donated Cat Food

All the cat food brought to school by our students during the first term of school, was handed over to Animal Guardians Cat shelter which is located inside the premises of St Vincent De Paule residence.

On the 10th of December we had an online meeting with this cat shelter and our students had a virtual walk throughout the shelter. The children could see the cats homed at the shelter from inside their classrooms and they could be seen looking attentively inside the sanctuary. Ms Carmen, who is in charge of the sanctuary, related the stories of a number of the cats. She explained to the children that some of these cats were blind and that some were injured before they were rescued. This experience definitely helped the children to  become more sensitive and caring towards animals. Animal Guardians care for more than 200 cats and anyone who would like to visit them, may do so on Sundays between 11am and noon.

We thank everyone for their kind help and urge you all to keep on helping our stray animals.

We wish you all the best for the festive season.

Zabbar Primary A SMT.

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Several Christmas decorations were bought and done to decorate the school for this festive season.

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Pet Food

All the dog food collected during the first term of school, was handed over to Ms Frances who has her own sanctuary with 25 dogs and 25 cats in B’Bugia.

 A big thank you goes to those parents who have sent the food to school, with their children. While wishing you all A Very Happy Christmas and A Prosperous New Year, we urge all the parents to continue to help us with these initiatives.

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Resources for our Primary Section

This scholastic year, as a school, we invested in more resources for all our Primary classes in order to further enhance literacy skills. 

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Quddies għall-Familji

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Sending a card to grandparents

It is the Festive Season again.

The pupils at Zabbar A took up the initiative to create these colourful drawings to communicate a message of christmas greetings for the upcoming festive season. The pupils kept in mind that some of the elderly may be feeling lonely and isolated. These colourful drawings will be sent to various homes whilst wishing that these will bring joy, happiness and a sense of belonging to our elders.

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Christmas Photo

As a fund-raising activity for the school, this year we are once again offering the children the opportunity to take a photo with Father Christmas. Photos taken will be in line with the guidelines of the Health Authorities where the student and Father Christmas will be wearing a mask and both will keep the social distancing when taking the photo. The dates will be as follows:

16th December 2021: Primary classes

17th December 2021: Kinder classes

On both days, students are encouraged to wear Christmas themed clothing. The price will be €2 for a 6”x8” photo and money will only be collected from Monday 6th till Friday 10th December. We appreciate all your help and support in all the activities we organise.

We would also like to take the opportunity to wish you all the best for the coming festivities.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

The School Council

Bħala ‘fund raising’ għall-iskola, dis-sena erġajna ħsibna biex noffru l-opportunita’ lit-tfal biex jieħdu ritratt ma’ Father Christmas. Ir-ritratti meħuda ser iżommu mal-linji gwida tad-dipartiment tas-saħħa fejn l-istudent u Father Christmas ser ikunu libsin il-maskra u t-tnejn ser iżommu d-distanza soċjali waqt li jittieħed ir-ritratt. Dan se jsir f’dawn id-dati:

16 ta’ Diċembru 2021: Klassijiet tal-Primarja

17 ta’ Diċembru 2021: Klassijiet tal-Kindergarten

F’dawn iż-żewġ dati l-istudenti huma mistiedna jilbsu lbies li għandu x’jaqsam mal-Milied. Kull ritratt ta’ daqs 6”x8”se jkun għall-prezz ta’ €2 u l-flus ser jinġabru biss bejn it-Tnejn 6 ta’ Diċembru u l-Ġimgħa 10 ta’ Diċembru.

Filwaqt li napprezzaw ħafna l-kooperazzjoni tagħkom fl-attivitajiet li norganizzaw għall-ġid tal-istudenti tagħna, nieħdu l-okkażjoni sabiex nawgurawlkom l-isbaħ xewqat għall-Milied hieni u sena ġdida mimlija saħħa.

Grazzi bil-quddiem.

Dejjem tagħkom,

Il-Kunsill Skolastiku

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