A Visit by Dogs Trust

dogs' trust

On the behalf of Dogs Trust Malta we would like to sincerely thank you all for an amazing day at your school and a big thank you goes to all the pupils for their wonderful donation of food. The dogs at the shelters will be so happy.

Our Education Officer, Candace, delivered a fun filled talk on various subjects in regards to being responsible owners, as well as how to be safe around dogs we do not know.  From the feed back we have had, the children and staff all enjoyed it. Candace also had her little helper Macy, who, as always, was very popular with all the children even though some thought she was a little soft toy.

Along side Miss Macy, we had ex shelter dog Princess Tasha doing some basic obedience and a few tricks that delighted the children present, and earned her a few extra pats and more new friends.

 vanChildren also had the opportunity to see our dog transport van, where Frank showed the children what he uses to collect some farm dogs as well as the pens they need to stay in till he gets to the vet with them. We have neutered free of charge, almost 14,000 dogs till now and all this was done to reduce the number of street dogs, help improve standards of animal welfare, support existing charities and raise the status of companion animals in Malta and Gozo.

 We were also joined by Carol of SPCA (Malta) who also brought her dog Natty to this well organized event where she spoke about what a shelter does and how it operates.

Our educational programmes on responsible dog ownership have been run in schools since 2009, and have reached a staggering 49,000 students who have attended education sessions delivered by Dogs Trust Malta’s Education Officers. Regular road shows have also been run in order to promote responsible dog ownership amongst the general public.

Dogs Trust Malta will be leaving the island in December 2014 but leaves its partners, the SPCA Malta to continue the good work both charities have been doing. We hope that you will continue the educational importance of responsible ownership, safety around dogs and keep our island clean by scooping the poop.

Dogs Trust Malta can be contacted on 777 111 00 or visit our website  on: http://www.dogstrustmalta.com.

Fun stories as well as games can be found on our educational website: http://learnwithdogstrust.org.uk