An Educational Outing

The above are some of the photos taken during an outing at Inspirations, St James Cavalier in Valletta which was followed by a visit to the Upper Barrakka gardens.
The students were involved in the making of their individual pizza.  Everyone was given a hat to wear and then they proceeded to mix the flour with water to make the dough.  Afterwards, they chose their favourite pizza toppings.  Later on they enjoyed eating the pizza in each other’s company.
Later on we walked to the Upper Barrakka gardens where we watched the daily firing of the noon-day gun at the Saluting Battery, below the Upper Barrakka gardens.  Re-enactors were dressed in 19th century military uniforms.  The children really enjoyed this experience!
 Ms S. Azzopardi & Ms J. Schembri – KG 2.1
 Ms P. Farrugia & Ms C. Grech – KG 2.4