Book Week Activities – P1.1

 The main theme during the book week was the garden, where children were exposed to a variety of activities including crafts and worksheets.  The children read the book Il-Ġnien. A power point presentation named Il-Ġnien, was used so that children could familiarise themselves with vocabulary related to the garden theme.

As explained in the previous paragraph, children created several crafts using recycled materials such as cardboard toilet paper tubes, bottle caps and cereal boxes.

The butterflies and the bees were created from toilet paper tubes.

bee  Butterfly

Initially children drew the images (which were printed on rough paper), then they cut and glued on the cardboard  toilet paper tube according to the instructions.

The birds were made from cereal boxes. Children used bottle caps and straws to assemble the flowers.  Paint, bottle caps and glue were used for the sky and the grass sceneries.


Children carried out literacy activities such as picture matching and fill in exercises related to the garden theme. During mathematics, the children added the number of bees, snails and ladybugs.

The children enjoyed all the activities especially the paint activities. In my opinion it is highly benefical when children are introduced concepts through such a thematic approach.

Ms Charmaine Borg – P1.1