Book Week Activities – P1.2


This year, for book week, I chose the book ‘The Gingerbread Man’. First, I showed the pupils a picture of the Gingerbread Man and I asked them to tell me something about it (brainstorming activity).  After listening to the pupils’ opinions, I narrated the story. Whilst reading, I stopped and asked the pupils to predict what was going to happen next. Following this, I grouped the class into four different groups. Each group created a different craft related to the story, using recycled materials such as bottle caps, cereal boxes, and nets.

On another day, the students were asked to narrate the same story in their own words and they were further encouraged to give a different ending to the story. During that same week, the pupils also worked out several English, Maths and Maltese worksheets related to the same story, using the thematic approach.


Ms Fiona Debono – P1.2

Ms Marlene Craus

Ms Charmaine Copperstone