Book Week Activities – P1.5

During book week the pupils of year 1.5 were introduced to the storybook “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister.

Ms Gambin 1

First, the pupils listened to the story being read to them by the teacher, then they listened to an online version of the story and finally they watched and listened to interactive pictures that narrated the story. Whilst the teacher was reading the story the pupils were also engaged in an active manner as they made use of props and answered questions related to the story.

Ms Gambin2

The students completed curricular activities that tackled language, mathematics, science and crafts. All curricular activities were related to the story.  Through these activities the pupils:

  • learnt new vocabulary;
  •  practised their oracy skills
  • made use of pictures to build up a story;
  • enhanced their number recognition skills;
  • learnt about the different body parts of a fish;
  • used their imaginative and creative skills to produce appealing crafts.

Ms Gambin3

Whilst watching the images portrayed by the online story, the pupils became aware that instead of printing pictures they could make use of the interactive whiteboard to view images.

During the craft activities, the students made use of recycled and reused material to create a large collage depicting an underwater scene.

Ms Sue-Ellen Gambin – P1.5

Ms Aloysia Magro