Creative Writing

Writing today is not a frill for the few, but an essential skill for the many” 

(National Commission on Writing, 2003, p.11)

People who lack adequate writing skills may be at a disadvantage and may face restricted opportunities for education and employment.  We believe that pupils who develop strong writing skills at an early age acquire a valuable tool for learning, communication, and self-expression.  In fact, in our school we are striving to promote writing by encouraging children to make up and write out their own stories.   The following are examples of the children’s writings:

Budding Writers in Ms D. Seisun Incorvaja’s/Ms A. Sapiano’s Class (Yr2.1)


Budding Writers in Ms M. Dalli’s Class (Yr2.3)


Id-Dar tal-Ħolm Tiegħi


The Malta Writing Programme