Teaching Maths Through Play

Maths Treasure Hunt for all Kinder 1 Classes 

Maths Easter Egg Hunt for all Kinder 2 Classes 


Maths Trail for all Year 2 Classes

Kenderov et al. (2009) state that the classroom is just one of the ‘homes’ where education takes place.  By making use of surroundings,  educators can foster positive attitudes and motivation for the study of mathematics in their pupils.

A mathematical trail is made up of a “sequence of stops along a pre-planned route, in which students study math in the surrounding environment” (Cross, 1997, p. 38).  A mathematical trail offers concrete learning experiences for any of the mathematical concepts taught in the classroom.  This type of activity, addresses problem solving, the establishment of connections, encourages communication and the application of other skills in a meaningful context (Richardson, 2004).

Maths Trail – held at School 

Maths Trail – Il-Ġibjun Garden Żurrieq

Special thanks to Ms A. Magro – Maths Support Teacher 


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