Ċaqlaq Health Campaign

Zabbar Primary A has recently been awarded a certificate of participation in the Ċaqlaq Health Campain in which all Year 2 students participated.  During this campaing students received short and fun animated talks about Healthy Lifestyle choices.  They learnt about what foods make up a healthy diet, how often one should exercise and what healthy habits should be part of our daily  life.

Furthermore, after being granted consent by parents, children were also given a fruit smoothie.

 In collaboration with the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate, Year 1 and Year 2 children were presented with two educational books geared towards the topic of Health Awareness.

The chart below showing the ‘Ten Rules for a Healthy Life’ is also on display in the school kitchen, foyers and classrooms.


The importance of following these vital rules is frequently emphasised upon throughout the scholastic year.

The apex of the Ċaqlaq Health Campaign was reached during the 3rd week of April where again all the Year 2 classes participated in age appropriate activities. The day initiated with a talk about nutrition for which nearly 100 parents, relatives and friends attended.


Afterwards, this audience moved to another yard in the school where they were awaited for by all Year 2 students who enthusiastically danced to a lively song with lyrics about sensible healthy eating.

The song also highlighted the importance of  exercise. In fact, towards the end of the dance, the children themselves formed the word ACTIVE.  All those present, were then encouraged to participate in another dance under the direction of the animators.  Later, the song together with the accompanying movements were  performed in front of the whole school.