Book Week Activities – P1.4

DSCN0845- Ms Marthese

Our theme for this year’s project was “In the Garden”.  Our main resources were cereal boxes and cardboard toilet paper rolls. We also used plastic bottle caps to make different types of flowers. Much of the work involved colouring in, where we had some bumblebees and some butterflies which were then glued to toilet paper tubes.

We also used recycled cereal boxes for the grass and the leaves of the trees. For the tree trunks we availed ourselves of a kitchen roll tube, cut in half.  We also utilised discarded pens to make worms and old copybook papers to make the wings of the birds. Sponges were utilised to create leaves and ladybirds.

Ms Marthese Mifsud – P1.4

Ms Annalese Scicluna