Book Week Activities – P2.1

Our Book Week activity was held on Friday 11th April 2014. The pupils were given a task to choose their favourite book/story and write a short summary of the story in their own words. It was also suggested that the pupils re-use materials which could be found in their house (such as plastic bottles, toilet paper rolls and cereal boxes) to construct props to accompany their story. The use of props helped the other pupils visualise what was being read to them. This activity also offered an opportunity for parental involvement, since the majority of parents helped their children prepare for this event.

This Book Week activity empowered the pupils in that they came up with creative ideas of how to present their own interpretation. All the pupils were involved in this activity, and our class was teamed up with a Year 1 class. While the Year 2 pupils were presenting their work, the Year 1 pupils engaged in listening. This proved advantageous for both the presenters and the listeners. The activity was a success since the aims were reached and the children enjoyed it tremendously.

Ms A. Grech

Some of the pupils’ work

Story: The 3 Little Pigs

Story: Dinosaurs



Story: Hansel & Gretel