Book Week Activities – P2.5

Book week this year took place in our respective classrooms.  I based my theme on a thematic approach going cross curricular through Literacy, Numeracy Science and Technology.

With my class together with the help of LSAs – Ms Camilleri and Ms Grech in collaboration with Mr Debono (Science Peripatetic Teacher) we took our students on a field work at Manikata Nature and History Park.

Students were asked to observe nature around them and record their observations on their Science workbook, such as weather check, sounds around them, different kind of insects and plants which can only be found in such areas and more.

Back at school and during the following school days (book week) students had to create a Journal describing how they spent the day at Manikata and what did they see and do there.

 The following procedure took place:

  1. A discussion during circle time covering the day at Manikata.  Ending the  session with every student giving his/her own opinion about the outing with a very positive outcome.
  2. On their Creative Writing copybook, students wrote sentences about the field work.  Some of which were good constructive sentences and very detailed.
  3. At their own pleasure students were asked to read their sentences to the rest of the class – most students offered to read.  Those who didn’t want to read agreed to express to the rest of the class which part of the field work they enjoyed most.
  4. Best sentence from each student was chosen by the teacher with which students could form the Journal.
  5. Using the Microsoft Office Word each student had to type own created sentence and print it out.
  6. All printed sentences were mixed up so that they share the sentences amongst them and students had to draw the scene on respective sentence they had chosen.   So now we had a creative picture on  each sentence to form a page of our Journal.  There were wonderful and detailed drawings and every student gave his/her utmost.
  7.  The sentences and drawings were mixed up and placed on the table.  In the form of a circle students took it in turns to choose a sentence read it and match it with the picture.  Once they matched all the sentences with the pictures, they had to  place the story in order (step by step describing what they did during their field work). This session (7) took place in the presence of the EO – Ms Amanda Muscat.
  8. The journal was completed in the form of a book named – ‘Mixja  fil-kampanja tal-Manikata’.  A copy of the Fieldwork work book is also enclosed within the book.


Book was read by the teacher to the whole class while showing off the pages with their respective colourful drawings.

Students were very enthusiastic for doing their own book and everyone’s work was included.

Through their creative writing and also through their drawings one could realise how interested they were in the field work and how attentive they were to certain details.  All enjoyed the day and the forming of the journal.

Another interesting activity during Book week was sharing a story with another class from Year 1 – Ms Borg in the presence of Ms Muscat Assistant Head.

Year 1 students came over to our classroom and joined in with our students for storytelling.  Story read was ‘Żaqqinu jagħżel x’jiekol’ – a book made by students in Year 2 during book week in previous years.

Story was read from the big book by the class teacher Ms Vella Montebello who showed also the colourful pictures complementing the story in the big book.

Story is about healthy eating – a snake which ate junk food and grew so fat that couldn’t crawl.  He found a good friend, an owl, who helped him out by teaching him to choose healthy food and to keep himself fit by exercising every day. He also learned how to look after his teeth.

Students were interested in the story and so they were asked to predict and say what they think Żaqqinu do next etc.. Other different forms of questions were asked by the teacher which kept the students focused on the story.

Once the story was read throughout, the students could hear it again this time by watching it on the interactive whiteboard in the form of a power point.  Certain students took the initiative to read along while watching it on the whiteboard.

After watching the power point presentation all students from both classes where given the opportunity to play interactive games which corresponded with the story itself.

Moral of the lesson is that we should eat healthy, take good care of our teeth and keep ourselves fit.

Also to keep a great friendship with your friends.

Students participated actively during all the session.

We felt that this year’s book week was more effective and more constructive since we didn’t have to stick to one particular theme and had the opportunity to start a form of peer observation by means of storytelling in different classes.

Ms Marika Vella Montebello – P2.5 

Ms Elaine Camilleri

Ms Christine Grech