Book week 2016

“A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.”


 The 23rd of April is a symbolic date for world literature because the great writers,  Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega  all died on this day in 1616.  To pay a world-wide tribute to books and authors on this date UNESCO, encourages everyone, and in particular young people and children, to discover the pleasures of reading.

As in previous scholastic years , Zabbar Primary A decided to go a step further. Instead of dedicating just one day to this event, the school planned a week full of activities that spanned across the whole school. These activities,  which were held from Monday the 18th of  April till Friday the  22nd of April involved every pupil, from the three-year-olds in the kindergarten classes to the 7 year-olds in the Year 2 classes.

 All the literacy initiatives held during this week were aimed at sending a strong message on the importance of literacy and the literate environment.  The overall purpose of the National Literacy Strategy for All  (2014) to promote and enhance lifelong and lifewide high quality literacy practices among children, was also addressed.   

    • Book Week Activities – Kinder 1 Classes

    • Book Week Activities – Kinder 2 Classes

  • Book Week Activities – Year 1 Classes

Yr 1.1 Ms M. Mifsud (Ms P. Dimech)
Yr 1.2 Ms J. Zammit Purkiss (Ms M. Craus; Ms D. M. Buttigieg)
Yr 1.3 Ms A. Piscopo (Ms D. Mallia)
Yr 1.4 Ms S. Busuttil (Mr A. Spiteri)
Yr 1.5 Ms S. Gambin (Ms A. Magro; Ms J. Peplow)
  • Book Week Activities – Year 2 Classes

Yr 2.1 Ms M. Dalli (Ms A. Lanzon; Ms A. Scicluna)

Ms M. Dalli – Nies li Jgħinuna

People who Help us by Aisha Mansray

Yr 2.2 Ms M. Vella Montebello (Ms E. Camilleri)

Ms Vella Montebello – Making BookmarksWriting a Story

Yr 2.3 Ms I. Farrugia (Ms A.M. Sigona)
Yr 2.4 Ms A. J. Sapiano (Ms C. Brincat; Ms S. Lahmar)
Yr 2.5 Ms F. Debono ( Ms C. Copperstone; Ms P. Frendo)
Yr 2.6 Ms S. Garzia (Ms R. Coreschi)
  • Activities for Year 1 pupils delivered by Mr Claudio Laferla:

Franklin in the Dark

Bull in a China Shop

Jonathan Mcboo

  • Activities for Year 2 pupils delivered by Mr Claudio Laferla:


  • Activities for Year 2 pupils delivered by Mr Carlo Olivari:


  • Talk for Parents of Year 2 children delivered by Mr Carlo Olivari

Enhancing Creativity Through Storytelling

Feedback by a parent on Mr Olivari’s session

  • Talk for Parents delivered by Mr Claudio Laferla

Read Me A Story