Eko Skola 2019-2020


Milk Cartons

As in previous years the EkoSkola Committee together with the whole school community was committed to making an effort to reduce/recycle the amount of waste generated by our school.

Pupils are provided with a carton of milk once a week. Since our pupils are very young, they do not always manage to consume the whole carton and this was resulting in a considerable amount of milk going to waste.

The teachers with the help of the ancillary staff’s help we succeeded to considerably bring down the amount of milk cartons delivered. We did this by opening up the cartons and pouring the desired amount of milk in re-usable plastic cups provided by our students.

In this way our school managed to reduce the amount of waste generated by our school and also to instil in our pupils the principle of not letting food/drinks go to waste when this can be avoided.

Bottle Caps & Batteries

We also carried on with the collection of plastic bottle caps and batteries for recycling/disposal.

Olive Picking

In November, the College gardener was invited to our school to deliver talks about olives and olive picking. He then assisted the pupils in the olive picking. The olives were then preserved with the intention of fund raising during Healthy Life Style Week… another annual activity that had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Area Dedicated to Outdoor Learning & Relaxation

The EkoSkola Committee members expressed the school’s wish to have an area in the school exclusively dedicated to outdoor learning/relaxation. They came up with the idea of the Secret Garden. During one of the committee meetings a discussion was held to understand what needed to be done to give life to this Secret Garden. The children suggested that the space should be enclosed so as to make it more safe and secluded at the same time. Mr Debattista had already instructed the handyman to see what materials were needed to achieve this. The pupils said they wanted various furnishings and also lots and lots of colour to make the place comfortable. We had already sent out a note to the parents inviting them to donate garden furniture and paint which they might have in their homes towards this project. It is a pity that this project had to be put on hold too.

In the hope of keeping this project alive we organised a drawing competition so that the pupils can come up with a drawing of how they imagine the Secret Garden would look like. The drawings were then photographed and forwarded to the school.

Our Secret Garden – Click on the link to view childrenhttps://sway.office.com/KpjOh7tpg7kuXvqf?ref=Link‘s drawings

Moreover, the school had embarked on other projects to promote the enjoyment of open spaces in a sustainable way. The pupils with the help of the College Gardener planted six citrus trees in the school grounds.

Tree your Own Town Project

Another project the school embarked on is the Tree Your Town project in collaboration with Ambjent Malta. Our school’s interest to participate was noted and accepted and we were asked to send pupils to assist in the planting of the trees/shrubs and plants in a safe area in our locality. Just before the school closed down we started the ball rolling to agree on a date and prepare a tentative programme.

Hopefully, since the aim was to plant these trees in autumn, the project might still succeed after all. 

Healthy Lifestyle Week

Healthy Lifestyle Week is an annual event at our school. During this week we celebrate and promote a healthy way of living. Sportsfests are organised for all the pupils. As part of this celebration this year we had roped in Fonzu l-Fenek.  Representatives from our school had met him at the FEE Fest held in November and we thought that since this character is well loved by children, we would invite him over to animate our very special assemblies during Healthy Life Style Week.