Healthy Lifestyle Day in Collaboration with Żabbar Local Council


This year as in previous years, a Healthy Lifestyle Day was organised upon the initiative of the EkoSkola representatives.  Since the school has embarked on the WER (We Eat Responsibly) initiative we decided to organise the Healthy Lifestyle Day on the same lines  and extend the initiative to parents and the community thus getting everyone on board.

Therefore, the school opened its doors to the community and the external yard became a market of information.  Ms Grace Zahra acted as a representative of the blood donation unit and talked about the benefits of donating blood.  Visitors also had the opportunity to discuss health issues with Ms Rose Spiteri who is a nurse.  Sayit were invited to exhibit their goods and promote good health and justice by trading fairly.  We also had a vendor of home-made edible goods.  The children also witnessed the planting of orange trees bought with funds received from WER.

Mr Richard Vella patiently gave sessions about farming to all our pupils starting from Kinder One to Year Two.  The children were delighted to get information right from the horse’s mouth.  In the meantime, Mr Aaron Kitcher from Cynergie gave talks about healthy lunches to parents in an adjacent room.  Cynergie also provided human resources for Zumba sessions which were conducted in the internal yard.  Thanks to Cynergie, two winners received free membership to Cynergie Fitness Centre.

A healthy breakfast consisting of fruit, yogurts and water was delivered to the classrooms thanks to the parents of the School Council and the EkoSkola Committee.  This breakfast was sponsored by the Żabbar Local Council as was the canopy in the yard which gave shelter to exhibitors.  Parents voluntarily also prepared healthy food and children had a class based healthy lunch at midday.

 All the children, together with the Żabbar community followed timetables and took part in the planned activities.  Whilst in class, the children participated in story-telling, interactive activities and watched video-clips related to healthy living.  Teachers and speakers reinforced consistent healthy lifestyle messages to children and to the Żabbar community. So one might say that this day really helped to raise a holistic approach towards an authentic healthy lifestyle.

The EkoSkola committee together with the school’s Senior Management Team would like to thank all the sponsors and all the persons who collaborated to make this activity another success.

Żabbar Primary A

EKO Skola Committee


Healthy Lifestyle Day Circular to Parents