Digital Literacy

Through this cross curricular theme students will acquire skills that include confident and critical use of Information Society Technology for communication, work and leisure.  They will acquire basic skills in ICT organised around four major overlapping strands: data sources and manipulation; information communication and presentation; programmed control; and social, ethical and personal aspects. (NCF, 2012 p.9)


Bee-Bot is a very simple programmable floor robot. It has a friendly appearance that appeals to anyone and is extremely easy to use.

              The Bee-Bot

The Bee-Bot

Whenever our kindergarten assistants and teachers introduce the Bee-Bot to the pupils, they create a great deal of excitement and intrigue. Throughout the activities, pupils interact, communicate, explore and engage with each other, but most importantly, they learn together with their peers without realising it.

Ms L. Gauci (K2.1) made use of the Bee-Bot to revise the recognition and the sequence of numbers from 1-10. During this activity the pupils had great fun.   No-one was reluctant to use the Bee-Bot.  The pupils were concentrated on what they were doing.  They waited patiently for their turn and were actively engaged in the activity.