Calendar of Events

27th SeptemberEducators prepare for the new scholastic year
29th SeptemberStudents start scholastic year 2021-2022
1-3rd NovemberMid Term Holidays
22nd OctoberPink October
29th OctoberAutumn Day
19th NovemberWorld Children’s Day
1st DecemberParents’ Evening (Students finish school early)
2nd DecemberStaff Cope Sessions (Students don’t have school)
8th DecemberFeast of the Immaculate Conception
13th DecemberRepublic Day
23-6th JanuaryChristmas Holidays
27th JanuaryStaff Cope Sessions (Students don’t have school)
28th JanuaryPyjama Day
February Entrants Meeting
1st FebruaryFebruary Entrants Group 1
2nd FebruaryFebruary Entrants Group 2
8th FebruarySafety Internet Day
10th FebruaryFeast of St Paul
14th FebruaryValentine’s Day Gift
25th FebruaryCarnival at School
28th February-2nd MarchCarnival Holidays
8th MarchWoman’s Day Gift
21st MarchWorld Down Syndrome Day- Mismatched Socks
25th MarchCrazy Hair Day
31st MarchFreedom Day
1st AprilParents’ Day
4th AprilWorld Autism Day
8th AprilLet’s Help Ukraine
12th AprilEaster Gift
13-22nd AprilEaster Holidays
25th AprilClosing Date for Young Authors Competition
2nd MayHoliday
6th MayMother’s Day Gift
16th MayHealth Week
18th MayStaff Cope Session (Students don’t have school)
19th &20th MaySpring Day
31st MayHoly Communion Mass explanation and Crowning
1st JuneHalf Days
7th June‘Sette Giugno’
10th JuneStaff Cope Session (Students don’t have school)
13th JuneCrazy cap/hat Day
17th JuneFather’s Day Gift
27th JuneLast day of school for students/ Ice Cream Day