Year 1 Activities

P1.5 Valentine’s Day

Here is a photo of our notice board related to St Valentine’s theme. The children were sent helping out at home, as a way of showing love and respect with their parents/ guardians.

Both parents and children enjoyed lending out a hand in their household.

Ms I. Farrugia

P1.4 World Children’s Day

Ms A. Grech & Ms J. Schembri

P1.5 World Children’s Day

Ms I. Farrugia

P1.3 Sports Activities

Ms M. Mifsud

P1.5 Sports Day Photo

Ms I. Farrugia

P1.2 European Day of Sports

Ms J. Zammit Purkiss

P1.4 European Day of Sports

Ms. A. Grech

P1.3 Dejan Farrugia

Deyan Farrugia, who is in P1.3, is very talented. He loves to draw and his drawings are very detailed and artistic. This summer he will be attending art lessons so as to improve his talent.

Well done Deyan.

Ms M. Mifsud and Ms S. Zammit

P1.5 Book Week

During the book week we have done the gingerbread man story. Ms Michelle Galea helped a lot in the preparation of the props. We did the following activities:

A. The narration of the story

B. Creative writing

C. A booklet where they drew and read the story themselves

D. Crafted a gingerbread man

E .Talked about strangers and their intentions- life skills

F. Drew the story in sequence and learnt to narrate the story to each other.

G. With the help of the parents, each child baked a gingerbread man at home, and they brought it in class and did a gingerbread man party where each child ate his  home baked gingerbread man together in class.

H. Role- played the story- on purpose they took on different roles so that they felt/experience new emotions and learn more about emotional intelligence.

Ms I. Farrugia and Ms M. Galea

P1.4 Crazy Hair Day

Ms C. Caruana

P1.2 Crazy Hair Day

Ms J. Purkiss

P1.1 Crazy Hair Day

Ms S. Gambin

P1.5 Valentine’s Day Craft

Ms I. Farrugia

P1.1 Dinosaurs

Our class discussed and explored the topic about dinosaurs. We had the opportunity to meet online one of the team members at Esplora. He provided a lot of information about dinosaurs and he also answered the questions the students had. We learnt about the sound and the writing of the letter “d” (as in “dinosawri”) during a Maltese lesson. The students had the opportunity to speak about their creative project related to dinosaurs during a Show and Tell activity in class. 

Ms S. Gambin

P1.1 Solid Shapes

Our class is learning about solid shapes. We explored the faces, edges and vertices of a cone and compared it to real things that have the shape of the cone. One thing that came up was the Carnival hat. We enjoyed creating our own Carnival cone hat.

Ms. S Gambin

P1.1 L-Ittra GĦ

Ms S. Gambin

P1.6 Dance Activity 2020

As part of the EU Code Week, the Directorate for Digital Literacy & Transversal skills, encouraged educators to dedicate one hour to a fun coding/dancing activity with their students. Through the Dance Party unplugged activity, no devices are needed and students could learn coding concepts to choreograph a dance party together whilst keeping physically distant. Submissions will be shared on the DDLTS FB page Digital Education in Malta (

The students practiced the movements according to the colours. The teacher Ms Borg and the LSEs Ms Galea and Ms Busuttil organised the activity.

Ms J. Borg

P1.1 Shapes

First we played a game of guessing the shape according to its’ properties. Then the students created their favourite shape using string. Finally, they wrote down the name of the shape and painted it.

Ms S. Gambin

P1.2 Autumn Day Class Photo

This class photo was taken as part of Autumn Day Celebration. The children hold their self made craft which represents Halloween, also celebrated in Autumn. 

Ms J. Zammit Purkiss


At our school, Żabbar Primary A, today 30th October, it was “Autumn Celebration Day”. Our class had the opportunity to discuss, gather information, explore and investigate about autumn. The students had the time to reflect on what autumn reminds them off, discuss and share ideas. As the teacher, I was writing their brainstormed ideas on the board (map). Afterwards, the students practiced some letter recognition and the first sound of words taken from those on the board.

Together as a class, we went down to our school yard and managed to collect some perfectly sized stones to use for our next activity. Letters were written in ink on the stones. The students practiced some more letter recognition. Then they had the opportunity to paint over the outline of the letters. As the teacher, I chose two words from the brainstorming of the map. We were counting the number of letters in each word (counting and value). Emphasis was put on identifying the difference between letters and words.

Then the students were investigating about how to make up the words using the letters on their stone. With some help, the students managed to place the stones in order to form the words. During these activities, the students also had the time for physical movement and creativity.

Ms S. Gambin


My little builders – having fun with rectangles

Ms A. Piscopo