Year 2 Activities

P2.2 World Children’s Day

Ms D. Seisun Incorvaja

P2.5 World Children’s Day

Ms A. Sapiano

P2.4 World Children’s Day

Ms M. Vassallo

P2.6 European Day of Sports

Ms Y. Cassar

P2.3 European Day of Sports

Ms S. Gambin

P2.5 European Day of Sports

Ms A. Sapiano

P2.4 European Sports Day

P2.4 Our Class Got Talent!

Since this year was a bit difficult for the children as they had to stop practising their hobbies or talents as a class, we decided that during the break we show each other our skills. In this video, we are showing everyone that we are all capable and we should never give up.  

Some of the talents shown: 

  1. Playing football  
  1. Playing the piano. 
  1. Singing and dancing. 
  1. Gymnastics. 
  1. Painting. 
  1. Drawing.  
  1. Maths quiz (addition using 3 digit number)  

Ms M. Vassallo

P2.2 Book Week Activity

During this scholastic year we have been observing one of our students Kane Zerafa, in his artistic illustrations in pencil. As book week approached we came up with the idea to empower his talent. It was decided to create a book with his drawings. To make it a whole class project, all students were involved during brainstorming for ideas, such as character names, ideas how to evolve the story, and what should Kane draw. To end this project, we created a hard copy of this book, scanned it, and recorded the students in reading the story. Hope you enjoy our book!!

Author & Illustrator: Kane Zerafa in collaboration with all the class

Ms D. Seisun Incorvaja and Ms R. Livori

P2.3 Sea Chains

Our Dinja Waħda activity was about sea chains. Students learnt how living things
at sea depend on each other and how our behaviour affects them. They watched
a video about this and then discussed various practices that harm sea chains. All
the students in class made their own sea chains. The children found this topic
really interesting and they really enjoyed themselves while they were doing the

The teacher is introducing the lesson by asking the students to say different creatures that we can find in the sea. The teacher is writing all that the students are saying on a web.

Ms. F. Debono and Ms R. Coreschi

P2.5 Crazy Hair Day

Ms A. Sapiano

P2.1 Crazy Hair Day

Ms M. Vella Montebello

P2.4 Crazy Hair Day

Ms M. Vassallo

P2.2 Crazy Hair Day

Ms D. Seisun Incorvaja

P2.4 Halloween


Ms M. Vassallo