Kinder 2 Activities

K2.5 World Children’s Day

Ms N. Camilleri Duca

K2.5 European Day of Sports

Ms N. Camilleri Duca

K2.1 European Day of Sports

Ms S. Falzon

K2.8 European Day of Sports

Ms J. Shields

K2.2 The Three Little Pigs

The story was read to the students and some simple questions were asked afterwards.

We used recycled and different materials to make the activities, like empty milk cartoons, straws, spaghetti, recycled coloured paper, playdough, loose parts such as lollipop sticks and blocks.

To create the three little pigs’ houses we used milk cartoons. The students had to paint the milk cartoon with brown paint and afterwards stick straws, spaghetti and rectangular recycled paper.

For creating the three little pigs stick puppets, I printed the template of the three little pigs and the wolf on rough paper. Then it was given to the students to colour with crayons.

One of the students was re-telling the story while the others were animating the story.

They also built houses with blocks, sticks and straws so that they could re tell the story with their own stick puppets.

In this photo the students are printing with blocks, straw and sticks to create a painting of the 3 little pigs. Students are doing some yoga sessions while listening to the song “Three little pigs”.

Ms S. Falzon and Mr A. Spiteri

K2.5 Peter Pan

The story’s name is Peter Pan; the kids mentioned Captain Hook and Pirates several times, so I decided to read this story in class. The kids were engaged during the storytelling as the big book seemed very appealing to them. During the story, I did some actions to help them understand more as the book was in English, and kids prefer Maltese storybooks. While I was reading to them, I showed them the pictures in the book. The kids were encouraged to step into the story together; this helped them understand the story more. To finish the activity as a whole class, they were given the opportunity to do a role-play. The following are some activities we did related to this book.

We had the opportunity to weigh a sack of potatoes to compare with the weight of a cannon ball. Another activity was balancing on a plank without falling into the sea like Peter Pan did when he was fighting with Captain Hook. One of the activities was a treasure hunt. In the morning, the kids found a letter from Captain Hook asking them to help him find the treasure before Peter Pan.

During homeschooling, we also mentioned the shadows. So, to understand what shadows are, I gave the kids the opportunity to do two activities. During the first one, they had to create shadows with their hands, and in the other activity, they drew the shadow of their favorite toy.

These activities encouraged the children to get more into the story and aroused their interest.

Ms M. Falzon

K2.5 Space

The theme was space as before Christmas holidays, when I was observing the children I noticed that they were mentioning rockets and when we used to count numbers in backwards they used to say blast off, so I decided to choose this topic. While I was planning , I was not 100% about it since it’s a little bit difficult for the kids to understand about space. But then When I saw that the children were engaged with this topic and showing interest we carried out lots of investigations about lots of facts such as the moon, galaxy, constellations, planets, comets and everything that relates to the universe. The kids learnt the names of all the planets and some facts about them and they also understood how we have day and night. Greater satisfaction is when I used to receive messages from parents that the children were giving the information they learned at school to their family at home. It was a topic full of fun activities where the children were able to gain lots of information throughout hands-on activities.

Ms M. Falzon

K2.5 School Peace and Nonviolence Day

Ms M. Falzon

K2.1 School Peace and Nonviolence Day

The little students in K2.1 had a discussion, “but Ms. Nadine what is peace?”, so we found a book and discussed … and we made art … blue for the beautiful skies and seas that surround us, white for it is the colour of peace.

Ms N. Camilleri Duca

K2.8 School Peace and Nonviolence Day

Ms R. Axiak

K2.6 School Peace and Nonviolence Day

Ms K. Ahar

K2.8 Autumn Celebration Day

Pumpkin carving and sensory play

Ms R. Farrugia, Ms D. Mallia


Ms R. Farrugia, Ms D. Mallia