The School Council


The School Council is made up of:

  • A President nominated by the Minister for Education and Employment
  • A Secretary / Treasurer who is the Head of School
  • Three representatives elected by and from the Teaching Staff
  • Three representatives elected by and from the Parents/Guardians whose children attend the particular School

School Councils are regulated by the 1988 Education Act and School Councils Regulations of 1993 as amended in 2007.

School Councils are an important forum where teachers and parents work together for the benefit of the children and the school.

While the School Council is not responsible, and should not interfere, in the teaching and maintenance of discipline in school, it has the faculty of:

  • administrating the funds and assets of the School;

  • discussing the school environment and the school amenities and propose ways to ameliorate them;

  • discussing the curriculum and the educational services offered by the school and make suggestions to the Department of Education regarding changes or additions to the curriculum;

  • discussing and monitoring any environmental, transport and other problems;

  • organising fund raising activities as well as educational and cultural activities both for students and parents.

Composition of  Zabbar Primary A School Council   

2018- 2020

 President: Mr Anthony Zahra



 Teaching Staff: