General Activities for Young Children

Here, you may find some sensory activities that early childhood children can engage in whilst they are at home.

Frozen Dinosaur Egg Sensory Play

Easy Fluffy Slime Recipe

Bubble Bin Sensory Play

Shaving Cream and Bubble Wrap Sensory Play

Slow Motion Sensory Bottle

Recipe for Making Play-dough

Create a Number Line with Play-dough

Play-dough Flower Pots

Insect Prints in Play-dough

Play-dough Bottle Tops and Straws

Playing with Blocks

When playing with blocks children will:

  • learn to share with others
  • Increase their attention spans
  • develop mathematical skills such as length, height, weight; spatial awareness; shapes, counting, classifying, sorting
  • learn to sort by colour, shape, size, etc.
  • develop problem solving skills 
  • develop their fine motor skills 
  • develop eye-hand coordination
  • develop language skills as they play, build and learn together.

Lego Activities with Young Children

Emergent Literacy

Emergent Literacy Ideas for Kindergarten Children

Learning My Name – 12 Kindergarten Activities

Resources Focusing on Fine and Gross Motor-skills (suggested by Ms M. Calleja Gafa HoD Inclusion)