Mother’s Day Gift

In preparation for Mother’s Day, we would like to inform you that the School Council will be organising the selling of Carnations for €1.20 each. If you would like to order, please send the exact amount of money to school with your son/daughter only on Wednesday 28th April, Thursday 29th April or Friday 30th April. Please note that due to the current situation we will not be sending a printed note with this information.

Thank You,

The School Council

Bħala attivita` għal Jum l-Omm nixtiequ ninfurmawkom li l-Kunsill Skolastiku se jorganizza l-bejgħ ta’ Qronfli. Kull qronfla tiswa €1.20. Jekk tkunu tridu tordnaw jekk jogħġobkom ibagħtu l-ammont eżatt mat-tfal f’dawn il-ġranet biss: l-Erbgħa 28 t’April, il-Ħamis  29 t’April jew il-Ġimgħa 30 t’April. Minħabba ċ-ċirkostanzi li ninsabu fihom, mhux ser jitqassmu karti.


Il-Kunsill Skolastiku

Pink carnation flowers in glass vase
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The Inauguration of the Book Week – Story telling at Dingli Primary and Zabbar Primary A

As an introduction to this year’s Book Week, Dingli and Zabbar A Primary schools organised an online story telling session on the 19th of April. Twin sisters, Mrs E. Galea and Mrs. P. Lombardo, the heads of the respective schools, read a story from the book Is-Serduq tar-Razzett which was written by their late father Anthony Spiteri. The book has been recently published by the National Literacy Agency and the story was read online to all the students of both schools.

During the powerpoint presentation, it was mentioned that even though there is the factor of distance between the two schools, this activity was still possible because it was organised online. Both heads stressed the importance of reading daily. They also spoke about how much they enjoyed themselves when as young girls, their father used to read to them his own stories. While when they grew up and became mothers themselves, they used to read these stories to their own children. Moreoever they said that they still like to read daily and also how they used to and still like to write various stories themselves. Important information such as the author’s name, biography and blurb were also pointed out to the students. Both sisters pointed out that there was always a lesson to be learnt from their father’s stories.

Other activities will be organised by both schools throughout the whole Book Week. The aim of all these activities is to instill the love for reading in our students.

Dingli Primary and Zabbar Primary A Administration

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Avviż għall-Ġenituri

Il-Kap tal-iskola Primarja A ta’ Ħaż Żabbar tixtieq tfakkar illi dawk it-tfal li
joqogħdu Ħaż Żabbar u li jagħlqu tliet snin sal-aħħar ta’ din is-sena (2021)
se jibdew skola fl-4 ta’ Ottubru 2021.

Għaldaqstant min għadu ma kitibx it-tfal, għandu jirreġistrahom onlajn millaktar fis possibbli, jekk hu possibbli sa mhux aktar tard min-nofs Ġunju.
Din hi l-link biex tirreġistraw lit-tfal tagħkom:


Pauline Lombardo
Kap tal-Iskola

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Dog and Cat Food Collection at Zabbar Primary A

The lady in the picture is called Frances and she takes care of a number of cats and dogs in her very own sanctuary. All the cats and dogs at her sanctuary have their own story and they all ended up without a home of their own. So Frances although a pensioner, was kind enough to provide a roof together with vet care and daily food for these poor creatures, usually out of her own pocket.

As can be seen in these two photos, other kind souls (both students and staff members) at Zabbar Primary A, provided some wet and dry food for these cats and dogs.  

Although the school’s SMT is aware of the fact that the collected food won’t go a very long way considering the large number of mouths that Frances has to feed, we also know that every drop counts. Apart from thanking all those who contributed, we urge everyone to contribute next time we organise another collection.     

In the name of her beloved creatures Frances sends a big thank you and her great appreciation to all those who provided the food. 

SMT Zabbar Primary A

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Crazy Hair Day

On Thursday 18th March the School Council suggested that we organize a Crazy Hair Day. On the day students were encouraged to have a (crazy) different hair style. Photos are uploaded in each year activities. 
Thanks in advance.


The School Council

Il-Ħamis 18 ta’ Marzu, il-Kunsill Skolastiku ssuġġerixxa li norganizzaw Crazy Hair Day. F’din il-ġurnata l-istudenti kienu mħeġġa jkunu bi stil ta’ xagħar differenti mis-soltu . Ir-ritratti jinsabu mtellgħin fl-attivitajiet tal-klassi rispettivi.
Grazzi bil-quddiem.


Il-Kunsill Skolastiku

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Quddiesa Familja

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Parent’s Day

On Friday5th March 2021 there will be the online Parents’ Day. These virtual meetings are going to be scheduled on MsTeams. On the day children will not have school.

It-Ġimgħa, 5 ta’ Marzu 2021 ser isiru l-laqgħat għall-ġenituri. Dawn il-laqgħat ser isiru b’mod virtwali. Il-laqgħat ser ikunu fuq MS Teams. Dakinhar it-tfal ma jkollhomx skola.

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Quddiesa Tfal

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Dos and don’ts about wearing a mask

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